I love money

Showing money invested with heart can be a force for good
This edgy, attitude-packed campaign worked to educate Australians that it's OK to love money, when it's invested ethically. We wanted to let people know that every Australian has the opportunity to build a healthy nest egg and contribute to a healthy planet too. All it takes is a little heart.
15% YoY membership growth
Highest ad recall ever


Advertising in the ethical investments category often subscribes to ‘emotive’ or ‘worthy’ storytelling – and even ‘fear-mongering’ – to convince everyday Australians to shift their money. While money has always been considered the root of all evil, we believe money can be a force for good too. And despite the perceived crudeness of the topic, we knew that people really did love money deep down. So we showed Australians that it's OK to love money, when it's invested ethically.


With signups declining across the category and a recessionary market, especially in superannuation, we needed to create a campaign that would remind our audience Australian Ethical is the original ethical investor and ensure it stands out from a sea of new ethical competitors.


The audacious ‘I Love Money’ headline combined with the grounding ‘Invest with Heart’ brand platform worked to reaffirm Australian Ethical as both Australia’s original ethical investor and its category leader – resulting in a 15% YoY membership growth and their highest ad recall ever.