Tree Parenthood

Making tree parents with an unbe-leaf-able mobile plan
Our job was to shift felix mobile from being seen as the greenest plan (values) to being seen as the most fulfilling plan (value + values) and as result, steal away some customers from other telco brands with little to no green credentials. So, with the help of dozens of mischievous, animated baby trees, this fun-filled campaign showed everyone how your mobile plan can make the world a better place…and you the proud parent of a baby tree, or dozens.
28%+ customers
22%+ YoY ad recall
1 million trees planted


As a leading carbon-neutral mobile service, the strategy was to shift Felix from a values-led approach to a value-focused position highlighting its affordable price point and unlimited offering as well as its eco creds. The two combined (values + value) position Felix as the most fulfilling mobile plan in a crowded Australian market. By saving money and helping the planet, Felix fulfils its customers more than any competitor and helping attract new customers from them.


Campaign goal was to increase likeability and preference for Felix Mobile as both an eco-friendly as well as an affordable and accesible mobile plan, in pursuit of its goal of donating 1,000,000 trees on behalf of their customers.


The campaign saw an impressive 28% lift in new customers, plus a 22% YoY increase in ad recall on Meta and a 20% better OOH recognition. By far the biggest achievement of the campaign was Felix reaching its primary goal (set at launch in 2020) by donating its one millionth tree in May 2023.